Located in the heart of Mount Lebanon, between Heaven & Earth, this residential project has been tailored to meet the clients' needs.
Friendship with the Family was reflected successfully in the evolution of every single room in the apartment. Spaces were crafted meticulously from Interior divisions, wall paint, Furniture selection till the smallest piece of Accessories.
The Idea in this Project was creating the feeling of a real home in the "Contemporary" Style.
The Furniture Layout was developed in the best way to welcome guests & family members.
Colours were meticulously selected to reflect optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. From pure shades of gold that carry the promise of a positive future to Burgundy & Glossy Mocha which added extremely joyful atmosphere where colours stand out.
Furniture & Accessories were selected carefully from world class brands such: MINOTTI, BLEU NATURE, POTOCCO, LALIQUE, GAIA & GINO, STEPEVI, etc...
The aim of this project was to assist the owners in finding the best furniture Layout to their reception area in order to allow maximum interaction between all the guests they may receive. The Hamilton Sofas in melanzana color made the perfect match with the funky chaise longue "Hockney" in Mocha Leather from Minotti collection. As for the Accessories, they were crafted by the owner herself from the Collection "Iron Lady"
The base color theme of the house has been selected as pristine white. Walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, few lighting fixtures wear the elegant white color in order to establish the color theme effectively. Traditional wooden material has been chosen as the flooring option to complete the theme of the house. Quality Minotti furniture pieces have been selected so that the motto of the design can be achieved and a statement of style is also imparted to the house.
Rebirth of a 60 years old apartment!!!
When He had thus spoken, He cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth? And he that was dead came forth...(John 11:43)
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