October 7, 2011
When we met Romeo, our apartment was still a dream in my mind. Having already rejected a couple of architects/interior designers with a vision that destroyed ours. We knew what we didn't want, yet at the same time, we were searching for someone who could materialise the mood our family was so eager to live in...
Together with Romeo's talent, honesty and friendship, over a period of 2 years, we sculpted what I call "our private little paradise". The colours, details, accessories and lighting blended in together in such a way, that no matter who walked in our front door, would at first be breathtaken by the beauty of the place, and then gradually mesmerized by the mood of peace and harmony... On top of all that, we couldn't believe it was also comfortable!
Now 7 years later, if I want to buy an ashtray, I still call Romeo for approval...and as my husband rightfully said: "understanding the client was so important to RONASS"! Along with Romeo's special taste, I can happily say today that our dream home has come to be! Thank you Romeo.
N.B.S - Beit Mery

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